Beer Festival FAQs

Beer festival FAQ’s

Q   When does the festival start?

A    From 12 noon onwards , Gate opens at 11:30am.

Q   When does the festival finish?

A    Beer festival ends at 10:00pm.

Q   Is there parking available?

A    There are a couple of free carparks in the village and street parking nearby.

Q   Is the minibus service free, and how often does it run?

A    Yes it is free to use as part of the festival and runs approximately every 1/2 hour.

Q   Where does the free minibus taxi service pick up from?

A    Out the front of the village hall


Q   When does the festival minibus shuttle start?

A    From 6pm and shuttles between Sherfield Park and Bramley station

Q   When does the festival minibus service finish?

A    After the Beer festival ends at 10:30pm latest

Q   Do you have card payments for tokens and Food?

A    Yes, we operate a number of card readers for this purpose.

Q   Can I use my tokens at the gin bar?

A   Yes you can.

Q   When are you serving food?

A    Food Service is from 1pm until early evening

Q   Can I use my tokens at the cash bar?

A    No , drinks other than Beer / Cider / Gin / Prosecco / soft drinks are cash or card payment only

Q   Can you exit and come back later ?

A    Yes if you can re-present your wrist band at the entry gate.

Q   Where do the bands play and when are they on?

A    The Bands start at approximately 1:30pm , and play throughout the  day until no later than 10pm.

Q   How many bands are there performing?

A    There are 5 bands.

Q   Is there disabled Access , and a disabled toilet facility?

A   Yes , in the main hall , There is a small step onto the gargen area , but bands can be view from next to the hall.